Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Subduction, book 5 in the Scott Tanner Thriller Series

For those of us who live on the West Coast, the threat of a tsunami is very evident. If you travel along Hwy 101, you cannot go more than a mile in some areas without seeing a sign reminding you that you are entering or leaving a tsunami zone. To be prepared for such an event, is paramount. It may consist of a go-bag with a three-day supply of necessities.
To warn residents, there are tsunami warning devices reminiscent of the air raid warning sirens used on WWII. If there happens to be an earthquake that can be felt, there my be very little time for evacuation and the warning sirens may not be heard at all. In the case of a sever earthquake it is necessary to evacuate to high ground immediately.
The Cascadia Subduction Zone lies about 60 miles off the Oregon and Washington coast paralleling the two states. On January 26, 1700, there was a massive subduction earthquake that is estimated to have rivaled the 9.2 quake that happened in Alaska in 1964. With an average time of 270 years between major seismic events  the west coast could be considered past due for another major event. My new novel, Subduction is a thriller set ion the West Coast of Oregon with the threat of a subduction earthquake on the horizon. In book Five of the Scott Tanner Thriller series, Scott Tanner and David Stafford are out in the Pacific investigating a shipwreck that happens to include two sunken vessels, a submarine and a trawler that went missing near the end ow World War II. The two ships in the same debris field present a mystery to Scott and his partner. The fact that the wreck is setting on the edge of the subduction zone is not overlooked, and as the story unfolds, plays a major role as they try to unravel the mystery.
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Monday, May 21, 2018

Land Tides

On August 23, 1981 the New York Times published an article by Walter Sullivan titled LAND TIDES MAY AFFECT EARTH’S CORE AND ROTATION.
Paraphrased, this article states the tallest structures in the city, at that time the World Trade Center Towers, rise and fall about 14 inches twice a day. They also tilt about two inches west and then east.  We are unaware of the shift in the earth’s crust just as a shipboard observer out to sea is unaware of the shifting tides in the ocean. Earth tides like the ocean tides are created mainly by the gravitational tug of the moon. Special instruments are used to accurately measure the movement and scientists hope to learn more about the effect on the earth’s crust and the molten material at its core.
ESCAPING YELLOWSTONE, my latest novel, is based on the tidal effect of the moon on the great-lakes-size pool of lava under Yellowstone and a near earth object that is approaching earth.
Two scientists, an astronomer Lisa Wilson based in Hawaii, and a geologist Cody Street based in Yellowstone.  The two are brought together when Street approaches Lisa to learn more about the effect of land tides and if they are influencing the behavior of the earthquake activity in the Yellowstone caldera. Lisa and Cody strike up a friendship that leads to love and they decide to bring their two families to Yellowstone to celebrate Christmas deep in the park.  December in Yellowstone is beautiful and sure to provide plenty of snow for the kids. It is also a foreboding place with -40°F temperatures common and little in the way of communication or transportation. Neither are expecting what happens next and both know the likelihood of getting any of them out of the wilderness in the wake of a disaster is remote at best.
For those who like a fast-paced techno-thriller, Escaping Yellowstone is a perfect read. Find out more about it on this link. Escaping Yellowstone

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Ghost Flight

One of the greatest mysteries of the 20th Century is the disappearance of Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan on their famed around the world flight in 1937. The world was watching every aspect of the flight, but her plane disappeared, never to be found again.
In Ghost Flight, Scott Tanner and his quirky partner David Stafford are attempting to re-create the leg of the famous flight where Amelia Earhart’s plane disappeared. In an effort to find the lost plane, or determine what went wrong. Stafford builds an exact replica of the Lockheed Electra Amelia used on her fateful flight and aptly names it Spirit of Amelia. In an effort to be as accurate as possible, the plane is equipped with every item the plane carried including circa 1937 radio and navigation equipment. To play it safe, they also have backed up the outdated navigation equipment with modern instruments that they will only use if there is an emergency. What could go wrong?
Unknown to Scott and David there are those who wish the mystery of Amelia Earhart left unsolved and their efforts to stop the flight are made know before they even leave Oakland Airport, the same place Earhart began her historic attempt. As they fly over the same isolated part of the Pacific where Amelia disappeared, David and Scott began to understand what could have happened on that fateful day back in 1937. Now, Scott and David’s lives are in danger and the likelihood of them completing the flight to the tiny island in the Pacific, the same island where the famed aviatrix never arrived, is in doubt.

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Monday, October 23, 2017


How will World War III be fought and with whom?

When Scott Tanner’s father, the Chief Engineer of North Star Industries, mysteriously dies, Scott asks David Stafford to help investigate North Star Industries, the major Defense contractor where his father worked.  It is the remaining few months of his term and President Tindall wants anything but war, but a cascading number of events is leading him n that direction. With very few options left, and an enemy who is holding all the cards, there seems to be no other option than a preemptive strike against the largest population in the world.
China, through an elaborate scheme is in possession of Top Secret United States satellite technology code named Paradox and has launched a version of the satellite that will insure their future domination of space rendering the United States military unable to communicate. 

With the next World War on the horizon, Scott Tanner and David Stafford are asked to take over North Star Industries and Paradox development and save the United States from almost certain destruction, but even they know last ditch effort could be too late to save the nation. 
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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The most misused word in the English language

Okay, I don’t really know this for a fact, but I’m pretty certain you’ll agree with me on this.
I recently received a manuscript back from my editor with much of the dialog marked up for incorrect grammar.  
Now, I try and make my characters as lifelike as possible so I listen to the way people talk and universally, whether educated or not, the word can is used in place of the word may. This is a sad bastardization of the English language, but none the less, in spite of the games we were taught as children the word may has all but disappeared from our language.
Remember “Mother May I “, a game we played for hours which was sadly replaced at some time by “Simon says”?
My English teacher in high school would answer, when the asked, can I do this or that; “If you are asking for my permission, yes you may, but you can only do it if you are able.”
So when a character uses can instead of may in his or her conversations, it is only a reflection of the times we’re living in.
Of course I’m not talking about Literary Fiction, which should offend the reader if the word is misused, but my characters seldom rise to the level of a literary professor or an English Major.

So, to keep my characters as true to life as possible, they seldom use may when asking a question, that is, unless they are a character from an earlier time when proper English was taught and spoken and not abused.
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Sunday, October 1, 2017

What goes into a character?

Apart from people asking how I came up with an idea for a book, I get asked about my characters the most. I’ve been asked if they are based on me or people I know or if they can be a character in one of my novels.
All of the above are true to some extent. One of my main characters, September Gale, happened to be a real person I met at a restaurant. The name intrigued me and I later told her I had used her name as the lead detective in my novel Threads of the Shroud.
Sometimes I have a personality in mind when I develop a character, as if did with Trick, a support character in Yellowstone Brief. A longtime friend had just the personality I needed for the flamboyant, yet reckless and carefree geologist.
My latest series starting with Crater features Scott Tanner a former Navy SEAL. He’s middle class, handsome, rugged, and slightly introverted man who is suffering PTSD. Scott has taken up treasure hunting as a business. His partner is a polar opposite, David Stafford, a former UC Berkley nerd who happens to be a genius and uses his inherited fortune to push the envelope of technology. They are an unlikely pare who have formed a symbiotic relationship that gets them into and out of trouble. I haven’t a clue where these characters came from but they were necessary for the adventures.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Sub Zero an Antarctic Thriller

Check out my latest Scott Tanner novel.
This is the second novel in the Scott Tanner series.

It’s not Global Warming that’s heating up the frozen continent. Russia has broken the 1959 Antarctic Treaty that forbids using the continent for anything other than scientific research.
 Scott Tanner and David Stafford are in Antarctica testing a revolutionary new type of machine called Sub Zero that can travel through and under the Antarctic Ice and are asked by the CIA to head a rescue mission for two environmental scientists thought to be held captive at Vostok Station, a remote Russian outpost.

Russian military is able to track Sub Zero as it travels under the ice allowing Lebedev, a Russian oligarch operating the illegal activities, to launch a plan to kill the crew and steal Sub Zero. With no US military on the continent to save them, Scott and David are forced to play cat and mouse with the Russian military as they race across and under the wasteland of ice trying to reach an American outpost. As the hunt goes on, United States President Tindall is faced with the grim possibility of launching a rescue plan that could lead to war with Russia.