Wednesday, October 7, 2015

New World War II Thriller CODE OF SILENCE available on Amazon October 7, 2015

I would like to introduce you to CODE OF SILENCE, the first of several novels placed along the Pacific Coast of the United States during World War II.

Life along the Pacific Coastline during World War II is a period of history that little has been written about. At the start of the war, prior to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, there was wide spread fear that if war broke out with Japan the West Coast of the United States would be at risk of an invasion. The coastline of the Pacific was the least protected area of the United States and the closest to Japan. With little in the way of armament to protect its citizens, the Civil Air Patrol and Civil Defense were established as an early warning system should an invasion occur. The state of Oregon was the most vulnerable for an attack. With no major cities along the coast,and spars populated. The many fishing harbors were ideal for an attack should the enemy desired to do so. But Japan had another plan. She believed she could wage a war of terror, through small scale attacks on our forests and towns, causing panic and an out cry from the citizens of the coastline to be protected. To do this would have moved valuable resources out of the Pacific and given Japan a significant advantage in the war in the Pacific. This is the first book in a series telling the story of the other Pacific War. The war along the Pacific Shores of Oregon Washington and California..

Cover Story
Two days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Japanese submarines are already sinking merchant ships off the Pacific Northwest. The citizens of San Francisco, Seattle and Portland, Oregon are in near panic, afraid an attack on the West Coast of the United States is imminent. To be certain he can trust the intelligence coming to him, Roosevelt needs a man he can trust for a secret mission. He chooses an unlikely candidate, Gaston Carson, a fourth year midshipman at the naval academy in Annapolis. His mission is to give Roosevelt firsthand accounts of enemy activity in the Pacific Northwest. Reluctantly, Gaston abandons his dream of one day commanding a ship, and drops out of the academy, to serve FDR. Gaston soon finds himself in the middle of a war unlike any he had trained for at the academy. Enemy submarines are operating off the coast of Oregon with impunity. We have no defense against them and no way of bringing the fight to them. Reluctant to move troops to protect the coastline, the Navy adopts a plan based on denial and deflection. Tragedies go unreported, news accounts are censored, and murders are covered up. As a civilian, Gaston must find a way to fight the enemy our government claims doesn’t exist. Gaston is in the middle of a war of deceit and deception, and the enemy is both on dry land and at sea. As strange as the concept is, he realizes this is a war that cannot be won without a Code of Silence.
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