Monday, October 31, 2011

I remeber the song, but the girl?

I was on a long trip in my car the other day and as I listened to oldies on the radio it occurred to me, nearly every girl I ever dated reminded me of a song.

It all started, when I was nearing my teen years and the radio was playing day and night. Music, sports and girls were possibly the most important things in my life at the time. My freshman year we would sometimes meet after school at Sweeny’s Bakery for a Coke and a donut and listen to the jukebox, go to the sock hops after the big game or hang out Saturday nights at an impromptu gathering, all with music the central part of the event. Rock and Roll songs spoke to us as teens and music was an integral part of our young lives.  

The first song I remember associating with a girl was Buddy Holly’s Peggy Sue. Did sock hops or Buddy Holly give my age away?  You guessed it, the girls name was Peggy. I was barely thirteen at the time and we were at a party at her house. Back then every girl wanted a song named after her. Then there was Patricia, who happened to love Ricky Nelson more than she did me. And Leslie, who dumped me at a drive in movie while the Brothers Four were singing Greenfields. Did I mention I inadvertently called Leslie by another girls name while we were kissing. That may have had something to do with the break up, you think? Sometime later Joanne was in love with singer Roger Miller instead of me. Carlene owned every record Johnny Mathis ever made. I never visited Sheryl when Brenda Lee wasn’t on her record player.

I’m sure you get the picture. Memories are somehow conjoined with the music of our subconscious. When I married the love of my life I thought my new bride loved the music I always listened to. She never indicated she liked any music other than what I liked. We had been married a few years before I uncovered her stash of Barry Manilow tapes hidden away in the glove compartment of her car.

Still, whenever an oldie comes on the radio, I may think of those I dated long ago and wonder what they are doing today, but then I think of my wife of nearly twenty five years who never listened to any music but mine. She does not bring back old memories. She’s right by my side, sitting beside me, still listening to my favorite oldies without complaint. We no longer have a tape player and I thought about downloading Barry Manilow’s greatest hits for her birthday, but why spoil a good thing?