Saturday, July 23, 2016

Code Zero

After the United States suffers devastating losses in the Battle of the Coral Sea, it is evident that a new carrier based aircraft is needed, but it is suspected Japan is stealing our aircraft designs before our new fighter planes are even in production. In an intercepted message, Naval Intelligence learns there is one of the latest A6M Zero fighters undergoing tests on the recently occupied Alaskan Island of  Attu, at the extreme tip of the Aleutian Chain.
Gaston Carson, freshly plucked from the senior class at Annapolis by president Roosevelt to serve as his eyes and ears in the states bordering the Pacific is called back the White House for a Top Secret assignment. he must infiltrate the Japanese forces on the island and capture the latest version of the Zero Fighter and deliver it to the United States.
Time is of the essence with American and Canadian forces preparing to launch an attack against the Japanese occupiers.
Facing impossible odds of freezing weather on a remote point over a thousand miles from the mainland, Gaston Carson must find a way to steal the heavily guarded plane, but there is no way the Japan will let the plane go without a fight. Meanwhile those building the latest version of our fighters are waiting to release our latest aircraft. Will the next fighter plane the U.S. launches against the enemy, hold its own against the nimble A6M Zero and its more seasoned pilots?
This is book 3 of the World War II Series.Check out Code Zero on Amazon