Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Code of Terror

      Book Two         

It’s September, 1942. The United States is at war in Europe and in the Pacific. The people in the small town of Brookings, Oregon are terrified. Former Naval Academy student, Gaston Carson, has been assigned to serve as Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s personal eyes and ears in the Pacific Northwest, on the job only ten months, and is in the middle of the chaos. Strange balloons are being sighted. Unexplained forest fires are springing up, a school has been bombed and a mysterious airplane, said to be Japanese has been sighted.
Three months earlier Japanese Americans were ordered to inland internment camps. Most went peacefully, but some pledged allegiance to the Imperial Government of Japan. A  Japanese Underground movement has caused the FBI to launch the largest manhunt ever to be conducted in Oregon history.
The stakes are raised when Gaston takes a mysterious phone call and later finds the caller is dead. To make matters worse his girlfriend has been taken hostage. In a frantic period of terror along the Oregon Coast, Gaston risks his life to protect innocent civilians from a ruthless sheriff, a corrupt Civil Defense leader, and a Japanese sympathizer who will kill anyone in his path.
During World War 2 there were many atrocities, among them the treatment of the Jews by the Nazis, the treatment of the Allies taken prisoner by the Japanese and the internment of American citizens of Japanese descent by the Americans.
The internment order was debated at the time and was most certainly unconstitutional. Many Japanese Americans went peacefully into the camps, giving up their homes, businesses and possessions. Some argue that the very act of imprisonment created animosity resulting in home-front terrorists. Code of Terror is a novel set in the Pacific Northwest during the early years of the war, the very time the fear of the people led to the incarceration of our Japanese American citizens. The book is the sequel to Code of Silence and the second book in a three part series.

If you haven’t read book one, Code of Silence, I recommend it as a first read, although Code of Terror can be read as a standalone novel you will get to know the characters better and the setting more personally by starting with book one. This link will take you to the Amazon page for Code of Silence.