Sunday, December 24, 2017

Ghost Flight

One of the greatest mysteries of the 20th Century is the disappearance of Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan on their famed around the world flight in 1937. The world was watching every aspect of the flight, but her plane disappeared, never to be found again.
In Ghost Flight, Scott Tanner and his quirky partner David Stafford are attempting to re-create the leg of the famous flight where Amelia Earhart’s plane disappeared. In an effort to find the lost plane, or determine what went wrong. Stafford builds an exact replica of the Lockheed Electra Amelia used on her fateful flight and aptly names it Spirit of Amelia. In an effort to be as accurate as possible, the plane is equipped with every item the plane carried including circa 1937 radio and navigation equipment. To play it safe, they also have backed up the outdated navigation equipment with modern instruments that they will only use if there is an emergency. What could go wrong?
Unknown to Scott and David there are those who wish the mystery of Amelia Earhart left unsolved and their efforts to stop the flight are made know before they even leave Oakland Airport, the same place Earhart began her historic attempt. As they fly over the same isolated part of the Pacific where Amelia disappeared, David and Scott began to understand what could have happened on that fateful day back in 1937. Now, Scott and David’s lives are in danger and the likelihood of them completing the flight to the tiny island in the Pacific, the same island where the famed aviatrix never arrived, is in doubt.

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