Friday, September 19, 2014


My latest thriller, The Yellowstone Brief is available, free of charge, on Amazon as an Ebook Sept. 20 through Sept. 24, 2014. I'm encouraging as many people as possible to download the book, read it and write a review. Click the link for your free copy
President Ronald Merrill is presented with an impossible challenge shortly after taking over the Oval Office. Yellowstone National Park, a super volcano is going to erupt, and all the president’s advisers, including the nation’s top scientists, say there is nothing he can do about it. Should he tell the world to prepare for disaster, or keep a secret that could threaten every life on the planet? Is the Top Secret document in front of him, The Yellowstone Brief, his only way out?  
Abdul Rahmani, aka Andy Rhane, is a member of The Brothers of Amadon, an Al Qaida affiliated terrorist group. He is not considered a threat here in the United States, that is until he gets his hands on a nuclear warhead, and a copy of a The Yellowstone Brief.  Yellowstone Park Volcanologist Henry Evans tells his boss the recent earthquake activity in Yellowstone is nothing to worry about. Henry has never heard of The Yellowstone Brief. If he had, he would have left the park for a quiet desk job in Hawaii.
USGS Volcanologist Dr. David Wayne is called in from an assignment in Argentina to assist the US Army Corps of Engineers on a secret project in Mexico. Unknowingly he has just walked into the middle of every volcanologist’s nightmare. Everything he is running away from in his personal life is soon going to catch up with him.
Trick Magic can’t wait to escape his isolated job as a geologist on a tiny island in Alaska. On a visit to his lifetime friend and colleague, David Wayne, he realizes he has walked into the middle of a disaster with no way out. with no warning Trick and David are being escorted by the FBI to parts unknown. They will soon have first hand knowledge of The  Yellowstone Brief, and it will be too late to back out.
FBI Agent Heather Martin is bored with her white collar desk job and jumps at the chance when she is recruited to the field. The assignment, track the money trail of a suspected radical environmental organization. Soon she will be far from her Washington D.C. base, fighting for her life in the wilderness of Wyoming. On her way, she learns of The Yellowstone Brief, and is left for dead in Hell’s Half Acre, Wyoming.

Terrorists with a nuclear bomb, the FBI, the U.S. Army, and a team of scientists converge in the caldera of the largest volcano in the Western Hemisphere; how could there not be fireworks? A page turner, beginning to end, this thriller, set in our nation’s first national park, will keep you wondering, is this real or science fiction?
Be sure and get your free copy and please post a review.