Friday, September 21, 2012

A young woman who wants to run in the Olympics, a doctor who has invented a new continuous flow mechanical heart, black market organ traffickers willing to  murder to keep their business going, and a young man who will stop at nothing to give the girl he loves her dream. These elements come together in a heart throbbing and heart breaking journey in the life of Tracy Hill, a girl who will die unless she gets a new heart. Olympic hopeful, Tracy Hill, defies all odds when she survives a massive heart attack. But her survival looks grim as she lies in a coma on life support, waiting for a donor heart. In the shadows of ICU, sinister forces are at work, anxious to see Tracy die, so they can sell her organs to the highest bidder on the black market. A former boyfriend, Jared Scott, is there when Tracy collapses and remains by her side, searching for a way to keep her alive. Jared is intent on making sure the girl he loves, not only survives, but also gets a chance at leading the life he knows she deserves.
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