Friday, December 30, 2011

The Kessler Syndrome


Tax accountant Raymond Phillips has just taken over his father’s firm, but his life is about to change dramatically when he is mistaken for aerospace scientist, Timothy Walker, a spy selling Defense Satellite secrets to China.
An elusive spy ring dubbed the China Connection by the CIA has delivered our latest space technology to China and Walker is suspected of being the inside man. When Walker is found dead, a plan to use Walker to export a package of data that will shut down the China Connection has to be terminated, that is unless they can convince, look alike, Raymond Phillips to deliver the package.

What was supposed to be a simple operation goes terribly wrong when China decides to take Phillips and undercover agent Lora Gains hostage. The president must give the word to destroy the plane on which Phillips and Gains are being transported, or risk losing the control of the worlds communication to China. The stakes are raised when it is found the data they are delivering may innitiate the Kessler Syndrome, destroying our ability to put a satellites into orbit for decades to come.

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